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Road to Apollo 50th Anniversary 

A big Thank You to Dr. Buzz Aldrin that I was given permission to paint one of the most iconic photos of all times.  Neil Armstrong took this photo of Dr. Buzz Aldrin on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission on July 1969.

“I think he was a pretty good photographer, as this picture was quite spontaneous. ” Buzz Aldrin

My painting Magnificent Desolation was on display and SOLD at the Gala Dinner 2019. 

Gala proceeds will benefit the launching of Buzz Aldrin’s Human SpaceFlight Institute, a nonprofit organization (status pending), which will focus on utilizing a collaborative approach to advancing human spaceflight beyond low Earth orbit.


Magnificent Desolation

“The first words that came into my head after setting foot on the lunar surface.

I was awed by the magnificence of the technology that had made my steps on the Moon possible, and by the imagination and courage of people on Earth to dream of expanding our capabilities. Just Magnificent… Yet it was also desolate. There was no atmosphere, no plant life, no signs of life anywhere. So, yes, it was magnificent, but the starkly barren, monochromatic hues all around me evoked my spontaneous expression Magnificent Desolation.” Buzz Aldrin

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