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Annette Winkler

Born in what was then still West Berlin/Germany, Annette Winkler discovered her lifelong love of drawing and painting as a young child. From a young age she has believed, “You can create anything once you see it in your mind.” While pursuing her professional career as an intensive care nurse and later Vice President of Marketing at a large software company, she still found the time and passion to study with several noted professional German artists who nurtured her artistic development. 

Together with her husband and their two sons, Annette emigrated to Vero Beach/Florida in 1996 and became an American citizen in 2005. She subsequently devoted her life to raising her children while continue working on her painting technique and acquiring additional artistic skills in the area of video editing. Her experience in videography later helped her with the bold composition of larger canvases and added a unique perspective to her subjects. Her colorful paintings pay homage to her new homeland, her distinctive personal style emanates joy and peace and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the Floridian culture. Picturesque landscapes, tropical birds and flowers, musical instruments, and native animals are all brought to life with contrasting and harmonious colors and confident compositions. As Annette explains, »I am a story teller and I welcome you to join me on this visual journey.« 

Throughout her life the subject of space exploration and how the courageous vision of astronauts, engineers and entrepreneurs is shaping our future has always fascinated Annette. Naturally, she was drawn to represent those subjects in her art. The interest was cultivated witnessing many rocket launches at the nearby Kennedy Space Center and meeting several of the early pioneers of space exploration, who later became subject of some of her most sophisticated and daring portraits. 
It is the special variety of different styles, approaches and ideas that has made Annette’s work appealing to a broad audience. Private and corporate art connoisseurs both in the United States as well as abroad have collected her work. The appreciation of her oeuvre has let Annette donate selected art pieces to various charities to support their special cause and to give back to society in this special way.

Today, many of her art pieces are on display in different locations in the United States and abroad. The German Consulate General in Miami has featured a solo exhibition of her work during the summer months of 2016. Solo exhibitions of her paintings were shown at the Elliott Museum in Stuart/Florida and at the Emerson Center in Vero Beach/Florida, both in 2017. The Art Mundo Gallery in Fort Pierce/Florida awarded Annette with the prestigious “Best in Show” -Award in 2014. A recent highlight was the exhibition and subsequent sale of her painting »Magnificent Desolation« on the occasion of the »50th Anniversary Moon Landing«-Gala at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley/California in 2019.

Annette Winkler maintains her studio in Vero Beach/Florida. 

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