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From an early point in my artistic career as a painter I have found inspiration in organic patterns and the visual effects of light on surface structures of nature. By employing a personal vocabulary of fluid brushstrokes and organic imagery I try to express the sensual pleasure and ephemeral quality of the natural world. Within this realm, my work has varied from representational to
abstract, and I always have been continuously moving along the continuum between the two.


As we live in an era filled with various images of different artistic currents and popular culture, I don’t consider my paintings to be an authentic inheritance from any old tradition. They should rather be seen as contemporary representations. Although I work in a classical painting style, I prefer different and diverse interpretations of my canvases. Today, my work ranges from the context of nature, pop culture and technology to representations of space exploration. My paintings take on various forms intended to draw in the viewer as co-author and witness, create new and
unpredictable cycles of thoughts and associations.

Contemporary popular commentary is marked by the widespread
proliferation of the term “iconic” in a way that departs from its traditional, sacred meaning, albeit carrying the aura of the former into a new context of representation. With my celebrity portraits, nature studies and images of rocket and space ships, I try to explore on how the traditional meaning of “icon” as a religious emblem has been steadily displaced by a new meaning.
Recently, the significant aspects of our history-making advances into space have profoundly influenced my work. As an artist I was fortunate enough to be given behind-the-scenes access to NASA and SpaceX missions, including suit-up, launch and landing activities, meetings with scientists and astronauts. Deeply inspired by those extraordinary experiences I can add very little to the way of factual record. However, I believe it is the emotional
impact, interpretation and hidden significance of these events that lie within the scope of my artistic vision.


Art remains as a strong contender of how we share our thoughts and reflections. I believe that my paintings might provide an experimental chance to challenge a viewer’s perceptions, perspectives and assumptions. Should one of my canvases inspire someone along its way and open him or her to new ideas I feel that I have accomplished my mission as an artist.

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