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Print on canvas 12x9x1 inch, signed by Annette Winkler

Limited edition (50 pieces) This is Number 47/50

Handpainted Box 3x3 inch

1 Portion of Martian Dust (Martian Shergottite Meteorite)

Certificate of Authenticity 


Proceeds will support  The Organization for the Proliferation of Space Studies 

Boundary-smashing STEM programs opens up a world of exploration for students! It is through your purchases that new horizons in astronomy, chemistry, math and beyond will be chased by bright young minds! Thank you for doing a huge part in supporting humanity's collective future!

Covering topics that span from "What is the Sun?" to advanced NEO detection and spectroscopy, our programs encompass all grade levels and provide a richness unseen in normal Pre-K through 12th grade studies.


FREE SHIPPING in the Continental US


Made with LOVE in the USA and MARS

Fresh Strike 47/50

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