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Made with LOVE in the USA 

Edge: Black Border


We use a bright white, OBA free, archival quality, Water/fade resistant, semi-gloss finish (premium canvas) with Greenguard gold inks. 400 GSM. We also use a UV protective laminate to further ensure print permanence and utmost quality. 

Print is without the Watermark! 

The Spceline For Earth

  • Sir Richard Branson

    The original art piece is on display at Spaceport America in New Mexico. 

    SPCE is the Stock Ticker from Virgin Galactic.  They made it possible for everybody to see our beautiful Earth from above and be part of this great adventure.

    I painted the Rocket Motor from Spaceshiptwo 

    In the background you can see the Logo from Virgin Galactic and it is actually the Iris from Stephen Hawking. He will be always traveling with every crew!

    The pupil respresents a black Hole.

    According to Hawking's theory, black holes are not perfectly "black" but instead actually emit particles. This radiation, Hawking believed, could eventually siphon enough energy and mass away from black holes to make them disappear.






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